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About Us

While the Nation waits for live performances to return, the stagehands of IATSE Local 16 San Francisco are in a nerve-wracking holding pattern. After years of working behind the scenes to benefit others, Backstage Art Aid is created to help our members weather the COVID-19 devastation to our industry.

Our behind-the-scenes skills are complimented by talents that are rarely seen: we have among us fine artists, craftspersons, and service providers.

Backstage Art Aid brings these hidden talents into the open, for sale to our family, friends, and neighbors. 

Money from gallery purchases goes directly to the individual artists, craftspeople, and service providers. A portion of each sale goes toward their Health and Welfare plan or is donated to Behind the Scenes, a non-profit that helps backstage workers in times of illness or injury.


Welcome to our Gallery!

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