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Randy Ottenberg Jamaican Paradise detail

Randy Ottenberg

Local 16 Retired Member

Worked at ILM Industrial Light and Magic for 25 plus years/Exhibiting artist for 45 plus years/ Member Local 16 1981(journeyman 1984)

SoniaMartinezÁguila copy.jpg

Sonia Martinez

Local 16 Member

An Indigenous blooded California original.


Drum Bum In The Sun

Local 16 Member

Percussionist • Poet • Cat Spirit

Tom Richardson Morro Bay.jpg

Tom Richardson

Local 16 and Local 800 Member

Painting and drawing after painting for the Opera, Rock n Roll and Movies

Jack Rogers 2020.jpeg

Jack Rogers

Local 16 Member

1992 BFA Auburn University, 1997 MFA Academy of Art University. Have exhibited art, painted murals, taught art in the Bay Area for 25 years

Lauren Abrams Ferry.jpeg

Lauren Abrams

Local 16 and 800 Member

I can normally be found sculpting and painting scenery at the San Francisco Opera or a movie. I came to SF to work in the costume shop in the late 80’s where I made accessories, armor and was assistant to the Milliner, Charles Batte, for the 1987 season. I seriously wish to be able to paint for fun and wrestle with watercolors in my free time.

Item 13 Franco Facing Alameda.jpg

Dan Franco

Local 16 Member

Daniel Franco was found in the woods, as a small child. He was feral, and could barely speak the English language. This combination made him an ideal stagehand, as it turns out. In his spare time nowadays he builds Ray Guns on commission and studies Etruscan pottery shards.

Jua_Garza_Circo - Juan R Garza.png

Juan Ramon Garza Lopez

Local 16 Member

RAMÓN 2020 I am from north eastern Mexico, I have lived and traveled around the world with rock bands, working in recording studios and live shows. Currently live in Northern California working with Local I.A.T.S.E. Unions. Other than painting and graphic arts my creative efforts have been put into the music industry as a technician, this is my connection with the Local I.A.T.S.E. Unions and similar entertainment industry organizations. It was in the late sixties that I decided to leave a trail of artwork with a long term plan. My professional artistic efforts started in the early seventies. You can find some of my artwork as early as 1971 with a Ramón signature. After a few years of experimentation studying Fine Arts, I decided to work exclusively in abstract art. Other than painting and graphic arts my creative efforts have been put into the music industry as a technician, this is my connection with the Local I.A.T.S.E. Unions and similar entertainment industry organizations. RAMÓN 2020

Martin_Alex_Kelp on Fire - C. Alexander

C. Alexander Martin

Local 16 Member

Starting Apprenticeship in December 2020.

Green Stitching - Meghan Khalsa.jpeg

Meghan Khalsa

Local 16 Member

I love putting pen to paper and believe in the power of starting with a blank page. My bookbinding work gives people a chance to literally write their own stories.

Gibson Cuyler Again Again.jpg

Gibson Cuyler

Local 16 Member

I have been an artist for all of my life. I started working in earnest in my early twenties in New York City. It is my experience that art making has taught me much about myself and the world, both good and bad. My approach to painting now is to try to achieve something beautiful. It may sound simplistic but I seem to most gravitate to the primary influences of Mattise and Miro along with many others. Mainly the philosophies of towards picture making resonate with my practice today. I believe I will always make art and long as I am able. It has become essential to my life both financially and personally. My aim is to create works that comfort the viewer and not to shock or politically inform, I believe art making in itself can be and is a political act in that it is a communication. My work has been exhibited In New York, Philidelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and Oakland CA. my most recent exhibition of any real note was in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco"s Bay Area Now 7 along with The Art Workers Coalition's collection "Invisible Labor".


Callie Floor

Local 16 Spouse, Local 829 Member

I am a SF based costumer. I had the great fortune to marry a Local 16 member, the late John Chapot. I have a lot of respect and gratitude for Local 16.


Nathaniel J Bice

Friend of Local 16 Member, former Local 15 worker

NJ is a scenic designer, costume designer, and craftsperson based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He recently finished his Costume Fellowship at American Conservatory Theater, after which he worked all around the Bay as a props artisan, scenic painter, and as an assistant to award winning set designer, Nina Ball. He is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and moved to Seattle in 2014 where he graduated from Cornish College of the Arts Summa Cum Laude in May 2018. And here is my artistic statement: As a visual artist, he takes inspiration from his surroundings and makes gouache paintings on site exploring the architecture and environments of the Bay Area. His work is derived from the understanding that the human eye sees differently than a camera and the time spent physically in a space imbues the work with an irreplaceable sense of place. The city is filled with human intent; every brick was laid by someone and every inch of sidewalk has been trod hundreds of times in a single hour. In sitting to paint, NJ is given the opportunity to absorb and appreciate that investment, and to add some of his own.

chuck nash riverrock:silver necklace .jp

Chuck Nash

Friend of Local 16 Member, Retired Local 510 Sign and Display Member

Goldsmith since 1968 in San Francisco

Andy Forrest Ocean Beach Nocturne.jpg

Andy Forrest

Friend of Local 16 Member

A brooklyn boy graduates engineering school in '69, goes to Woodstock then sticks his thumb out and ends up in San Francisco. For almost 50 years Andy has been an engineer and watercolorist in San Francisco. Self-taught and painting in the west-coast transparent watercolor style, he evokes the luminous qualities of the aqua medium. His subjects are varied, drawn from everywhere painted in an impressionist painterly style. The aim is to draw the viewer into the image and let them drift off and experience the visual in their own way. I was introduced to watercolor painting in the early70’s. My apartment overlooked Delores Park in S.F. and I would watch, unbeknownst to me George Post give his plein-air workshops. Evidently this icon, one of the early proponents of the west-coast watercolor movement lived around the corner! Keep it simple, catch that mood and be quick! Rarely do I spend more than an hour or so on a painting. Now that I am retired from engineering, I find myself drifting around town either ‘urban sketching’ or painting with my ‘plein air’ gear trying to capture the mood and visuals of our City.

Nate Scott _Omen_ - Nate Scott.jpg

Nathaniel J Scott

Local 16 Member

Artist Bio Originally from New York state, Nate Scott graduated SUNY College at Buffalo with a BFA in painting. After a visit to San Francisco in the early 1990s, he fell in love with the Bay Area and moved his studio from New York to Northern California. Nate currently owns and operates Nateomatic Fabrications—an independent studio in Oakland where he spends his free time working on his sculptures and fabricating scenic carpentry for various San Francisco theaters.

JNoland_L16_Mask - Jennifer Noland.jpg

Jennifer Noland

Local 16 Member

Jennifer Noland is a native of San Francisco, CA. Her varied artistic practice includes filmmaking, photography and textile arts. Her work has been exhibited at various institutions including: the Tiburon International Film Festival, Berkeley Art Center, Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY, and Artists Television Access (ATA) in San Francisco. Her photographs have been featured in Black Noire/Black Renaissance Magazine, New American Paintings and Studio Visit Magazine. Noland was educated at San Francisco Art Institute, where she received her BFA.

Grace Wiebenga-Sanford Acorn

Grace Wiebenga-Sanford

Local 16 Member

Hilary Engelman Higher Levels - Hilary E

Hilary Engelman

Local 16 Member

Hilary Engelman brings her passion for creative expression to the welding table at her studio in Oakland, California. There, she fuses her artistic style with the technical metal fabrication skills necessary to convert ideas into physical form. She applies this fusion of talents in both sculptural and architectural directions, often blending the two.

Denise Woodward Debussy's Garden - denis

Denise Woodward

Local 16 Member

Paper artist creates original, whimsical handmade miniature books

 Karen %22K.C.%22 Cohen Cloudscape.jpg

Karen "K.C." Cohen

Local 16 Member

Karen “K.C.”  Cohen:  Nature Photographer When I am in nature and focusing on photography, time seems to stand still. I get in close. I see patterns, shadows and colors. I notice light at different times of the day and different times of the year. I am drawn to nature, especially water. My hope is to bring calm, beauty and light into the world.


Dorothy Vollendorf

Local 16 Member

Artist are the true Historians of our lives. Primarily uses Oil on Canvas Dorothy Vollendorf art work is described as Abstract Expressionist Impressionism, Constructed within a Space of moment’s through her life experiences. A painting can often sing when finished.

Shawn Annecston .jpg

Shawn Annecston

Local 16 Member

California native. Member of Local 16.


Janice Sullivan

Local 16 Spouse

I am a Textile artist creating large woven wallpieces for private and corporate collections.I also produce a line of woven shawls and scarves. I have many pieces in Kaiser Hospitals around the Bay Area and nationally. I recently retired from City College of San Francisco where I taught Textile Design for 24 years.

alonsovelardeflyswatter - Alonso Velarde

Alonso Issac Velarde

Local 16 Member

Lived in the bay area most my life. Joined local 16 after meeting a few members during the first couple of years after college working in production.

SkyWilliams Sunset 20x18.jpeg

Sky Williams

Local 16 Member

"Raised in NYC, Sky experienced all the cultures it had to offer. NYC was a gritty place to grow up in the eighties and no doubt influenced Skys' rebellious nature. It wasn’t until later in life, when she relocated to California in the early 90’s, that she realized how important being outdoors was to her and how her new environment enabled her to flourish. Many trips to the Sierras opened up her eye to photography, color, shapes and textures. Today many of her paintings are a direct reflection of the juxtaposition between the natural beauty of California and her urban roots of graffiti and billboards on the subways and streets of NYC. Sky’s work is often intuitive, reflected by color and movement. Sometimes it’s just about the paint. One Stroke or 50, she lets' her intuition guide her."

vissi - Jersey.jpg

Jersey McDermott

Local 829 Member

I've worked for the SF Opera in the Costume Shop for 20 years making beautiful things for the stage.

Tritonia Zoomwear Pin.png

JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman

Friend of Local 16 Member

Tritonia Designs creates unique one-of-a-kind contemporary wearable art jewelry inspired by hybrid cultures. Each sculpted piece is unique and hand crafted. Goth meets Tribal, recycled eco culture meets modern primitive and space rocks reign! Tritonia Designs was founded by JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman (AKA Tritonia) and inspired by multicultural adornments. Tritonia is an Artist who creates interdisciplinary work and wearable art that explore the intersection of art, science, culture, fashion and technology. Inspired by passion and the temporal nature of natural phenomenon, she travels the world producing works frequently related to total solar eclipses and active volcanic lava flows, up-close and personal. During these travels, she collects exotic beads, silver, and treasures that later become elements in the Tritonia Designs Collections of jewelry and wearable art. Not bound by usual conventions her jewelry is as likely to incorporate lights and space rocks as pure silver, real stones, leather or recycled rubber. Common to all Tritonia Design wearables and art jewelry is the design and fashion that spans tribal, goth, contemporary, elegant. Each piece will be slightly different as all are handmade with special unique elements carefully handpicked and original designs.

David Dunn2019seascapetwilightoil.jpg

David Dunn

Local 800 Member

David Dunn is best known for his landscape paintings of industrial and rural waterside. He has worked as a Scenic Artist for the San Francisco Opera and the San Francisco Ballet since 1997, and has painted sets for film and television.

Knot Skies [_Nista].jpg


Local 16 Member

Who am I? I'm many things. Being a creative creature is perhaps the biggest attribute in me. I take from what has come before me, and learn from many that are willing to teach. As an artist one is always doing things we know little of, because we appreciate the discovery that will be made thru experimentation. My current work is mixed media with acrylic & spray paints. I cut my own stencils to create patterns & textures. Molding plastic into human like shapes started with a fascination for mannequins & seeing to much plastic simply go to waste.

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