Frequently asked questions

How do I participate as an artist?

Currently submissions are closed. Please check back soon for more information.

I am not a Local 16 member, but my (spouse, daughter, neighbor) is. Can I participate?

If you can legitimately fill out the “Local 16 Affiliation” question on the questionnaire, you may participate: whether you are a member, Local 16 worker, neighbor, or affiliated union worker.

What does Backstage Art Aid do?

Backstage Art Aid and is about stagehands connecting stagehands with people who support them by purchasing art that they make. We provide a website that showcases art created by our fellow stagehands and their associates. The website will not have a purchase button. We provide contact information for those artists who do not have another web presence. (If you want some ideas about getting a web presence, let us know) We will list a purchase price on the artwork. The price will not include shipping, but will indicate that it does not include shipping. During this trial phase, we maintain a gallery space in which artists may display their art if they wish. Purchasers may view this art by appointment. Appointments can be made at the website. Dawn Roth-Golden is our volunteer shipping coordinator who can assist you in making a decision about how to ship. Please contact her at or with the subject line SHIPPING, if you have any questions.

How do I purchase Art?

Art must be purchased directly from the artists who are represented on the website. Websites and Instagrams for DMs are listed on each piece. If there is no contact information listed on a piece, please use the contact form on the website or email to ask us for contact information for the artist, who may not wish an email address or phone number to be widely published. Once you have made a purchase from an artist, you can pick up art in the Gallery, or volunteers are available to deliver items that are in the Gallery to addresses in the SF Bay Area. But please contact the artist to arrange for a purchase directly from them. They will then inform us of the purchase. You can arrange for pickup at the Gallery by booking an appointment or delivery by emailing

I am an artist, how do I make a sale?

Right now, a purchaser will contact you through your website, Instagram, or email. They can get your email address from us, so it does not need to be published on the website. Please check those frequently. If you would like your contact information published on the website, let us know. You will then arrange payment from the purchaser, directly to your PayPal or Venmo or Square account or by sending you a check - whichever you prefer. If your work is in the Gallery you will let us know the sale is complete and we can respond to the purchaser's request for an appointment, or for a local delivery. If your work is not in the Gallery, you will arrange for shipment. We will list a purchase price on the artwork. The price will not include shipping. You can use any shipping agency that works for your artwork. We have negotiated a reduced shipping rate through UPS for Backstage Art Aid. In order to access the reduced rate, please share your UPS account number (NOT your user name and password) with Dawn Roth-Golden at or at with the subject SHIPPING. If your work is in the Gallery, and the purchaser prefers shipment or is not local, you will arrange for shipment. If you need help from Backstage Art Aid with transport from the gallery, please detail what help you might need at If you care contributing to someone's Local 16 Health and Welfare, please contact Shari Bethel at for guidelines. To make your contribution to Behind the Scenes, here's the link: Behind the Scenes Charity Please be aware that you are liable for income tax on your sales. The sale of artwork generates ordinary income to the artist. You may be able to say the sale of your art is income generated from a hobby. Here is a link to IRS rules about whether it's a hobby or a business:

What changed?

Backstage Art Aid was first set up as a one month experiment to help stagehands who lost work due to the cancellation of all live performances in 2020. Once the website was launched we quickly encountered all the things a fledgling operation encounters: shipping, payment systems, taxes, organizational structure, to name a few. In order to carefully evaluate and figure out all those things, we realized the best immediate way forward will be to serve as a virtual arts/crafts fair. We will help stagehand artists display their work, but the burden will be on the artist to complete the sale and to arrange for shipping. We will support artists and help them figure our how to ship, purchasers may still pick up works in the live gallery, and volunteers are still available to deliver or pick up in the SF Bay Area.

What does the future hold?

This has been a challenging but rewarding start up process; we are investigating organizational structure, taxes, and website structure. Everyone working on the project is enthusiastic and the theater community has been super supportive. If we can keep this going in the future, we hope to do so.