10x13 (16x20, framed), '20, watercolor, transparent w/c $200



Ocean Beach Waves by Andy Forrest

  • A brooklyn boy graduates engineering school in '69, goes to Woodstock then sticks his thumb out and ends up in San Francisco. For almost 50 years Andy has been an engineer and watercolorist in San Francisco. Self-taught and painting in the west-coast transparent watercolor style, he evokes the luminous qualities of the aqua medium. His subjects are varied, drawn from everywhere painted in an impressionist painterly style. The aim is to draw the viewer into the image and let them drift off and experience the visual in their own way. I was introduced to watercolor painting in the early70’s. My apartment overlooked Delores Park in S.F. and I would watch, unbeknownst to me George Post give his plein-air workshops. Evidently this icon, one of the early proponents of the west-coast watercolor movement lived around the corner! Keep it simple, catch that mood and be quick! Rarely do I spend more than an hour or so on a painting. Now that I am retired from engineering, I find myself drifting around town either ‘urban sketching’ or painting with my ‘plein air’ gear trying to capture the mood and visuals of our City.

  • andy@seismiczone.net

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