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project information.

Backstage Art Aid provides a showcase for Backstage Artists and Craftspersons through both an Online Gallery and occasional pop-up galleries.

Sales are made by contacting the Artist, either through the Artist's website or email address  listed on each product page and in their Artist Bio.

To join as an Artist or craftsperson go to Artists

Volunteers are available to photograph the work of Artists and Craftspersons in the Bay Area.  To arrange for this service contact: Tori Hill - 

To join as a volunteer go to Volunteers

Advice is available on shipping, contact Dawn Roth Golden - 

Artists and Craftspersons can make a contribution to their Local 16 Health and Welfare, or to another's  Local 16 Health and Welfare, for information contact Shari Bethel - 

Artists and Craftspersons also make contributions to Behind the Scenes – Providing financial  assistance to entertainment technology professionals in need due to serious illness or injury. 


Some more things to know 

Covid19 Protocols

If a Volunteer is transporting your work Waiver and Release of Liability

We are All Volunteers Please join these Sponsors and help us grow and continue to support your work.

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